Meetinghouse Park Apts.
Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania

Located on a 15-acre site midway between Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE, this development of 200 garden apartments addresses the community’s needs for dense rental housing for commuters.

To provide a sense of intimacy and permanence to this housing type, each apartment group is made up of U-shaped clusters. By planning fewer units per cluster, the size of the adjacent parking courts is reduced. This provides tenants with a sense of neighborhood identity while being part of a larger complex.

The apartment modules of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units offer living, dining and sleeping spaces facing the quieter greensward side. The open green spaces are layered, beginning with individual backyard patios and moving out to the shared spaces between the patios and finally to large scale community oriented recreational areas. The complex has been successful in a highly competitive market area.



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