For the City of Santa Fe
Frenchy's Field Park

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Many Santa Feans remember Frenchy’s Dairy Farm that occupied this site between Aqua Fria and the Santa Fe River. The owner Frenchy Parachou, who was actually Basque, left this 17-acre property to the City of Santa Fe to be used only as recreational open space. In this densely populated district, the neighbors wanted the new park to be nature-oriented passive recreation linked to the city’s open space network of trails and parks.

The landscaped parking area along Agua Fria leads to the park entrance, a bermed commemorative circle ringed with fruit trees. Pedestrian paths lead to the Community Building constructed with many original materials salvaged from the old Cow Barn. The paths winding through the native grasses and prairie dog habitat have adjacent barbecue stoves and picnic tables with open views to
Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountains.

The paths lead to a new fishing pond and
dock, through rock outcroppings to the Santa Fe River. The entire site has been landscaped with native wild flowers, fruit trees and ornamental shade trees.



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