Master Plan
Woodstock Homesites

Woodstock, New York

The natural features which endow this 52 acre property have been preserved in the new development plan.

High stone ledges, rock outcrops and wooded valleys support the rich forest wildlife; the elevated drainage basins and their water courses are left undisturbed; the old fieldstone walls weave through the deep pine woods and the small, highly valued wetlands remain open for migratory birds. Generations to come will benefit from these land management strategies.

The new road, which follows the path of the old logging road, is designed so that each curve and rise enriches a distant view, preserves specimen trees and highlights wondrous rock formations. Nine individual properties have been created according to the distinctions of nature. Each provides a diverse landscape for the siting and design of a uniquely integrated living environment. One home may climb among the rising rocks, another may stretch along a broad plateau and another may nestle among the tall pines.


Land Planning
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    Woodstock Homesites
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